It’s REFER-EARN-REPEAT with APEC Schools Refer-a-friend program!

Become one of the APEC Partners through the Refer-a-friend program SY 2021-2022! Get free PHP 300 worth of Gift Certificates for every successful referral!

Simply invite your friends to enroll online at APEC Schools through and make sure they use your referral code!

New to APEC Schools? Get your referral code now at!

Read through the FAQs to get to know more about the program. 

Am I qualified to join the program?

Who can refer:

  1. Current APEC Schools students/parents/guardians
  2. Past students and their parents/guardians
  3. Individuals not part or associated with APEC Schools

Who are NOT qualified for the program:

  1. APEC Schools employees and their immediate family
  2. Staff from third-party employers such as Utility personnel, Security Guards, Messengers, and other outsourced personnel
  3. APEC parents referring their own child/children and APEC guardians referring their own wards

What is my referral code?

For CURRENT APEC students/parents/guardians:

  • You may use the complete ACTIVE STUDENT NUMBER as your referral code

For OTHER INDIVIDUALS (i.e. alumni, parents of alumni, not part or associated with APEC Schools):

How do I refer?

  1. Send the enrollment link to your referral.
  2. Upon registration:
    • Guide your referral through the registration process to make sure he/she doesn’t miss out on any information
    • Make sure your referral fills-out the REFERRAL SECTION with the following details:
      1. Name of the referrer
      2. The Student Number for APEC parent/guardian/student referrers or the Referral Code for Non-APEC individuals and Alumni
  3. After registration:
    • Your referral must complete the registration process by clicking the Submit button. After the process is completed, make sure you get his/her unique student number.
    • Monitor your referral. He/she must complete all the admission requirements with the cut-off dates. The completion of the enrollment process is required to get the reward.
  4. After completing the enrollment process:
    • Make sure that your referral is an active student from July 26, 2021, until September 30, 2021.

How do I receive my reward?

  1. You will be able to receive your gift certificate from the branch where your referral/s are enrolled. The branch staff will coordinate with you regarding the schedule of pick-up.
    • Make sure to declare your ACTIVE CONTACT NUMBER and other alternative mobile number/s and e-mail address where you can be reached.
  2. Claim your gift certificate on or before the deadline. Failure to receive the gift certificates from the branch will result in forfeiture of the reward.

Other questions

  1. Can I refer to multiple branches?
    • Yes – you may use the same Student Number or Referral Code to as many referrals as you want
  2. Can I refer to different programs (APEC Agile distance-learning and APEC Flex Homeschool) and different grade levels (Grade 7 to Grade 11)?
    • Yes – this is possible as long as you use the same Student Number or Referral Code to all your referrals
  3. What if the student forgot to input the Referral Code? Can I ask them to register again?
    • Only the first registration will be honored thus the referral will not be recognized
    • This is why you should make sure they fill in the Referral Section and guide them through the process.

The program will run until June 30, 2021. For more information, send a message at, email us at, or contact us at 0917-258-7621 / 0998-846-2120.


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