5 benefits of Environmental Education

APEC Schools - 5 benefits of Environmental Education

Environmental Education brings to light the habitat we belong to, the challenges we face, and the solutions we need to act on to save the blue Earth we call home. Humans dealt so much with raising all aspects of living to the point that environmental degradation has taken a toll on human evolution and progression. […]

Accenture Philippines, APEC Schools promote computer literacy through Hour of Code.

In 2020 alone, Hour of Code was implemented in over 180 countries with almost 70,000 events worldwide. APEC Schools, in partnership with Accenture in the Philippines, welcomed the grade 7 students to its technology-driven education through the Hour of Code global movement. Every year, students from all branches attend a one-hour session that talks about […]

The Solution-oriented Generation

Changes, unexpected challenges, and uncertainty––these are just a few words that best describe the year 2020. Recovery from the Taal Volcano eruption, a pandemic that put the world to a stop and forced us to pivot around the new normal, and the recent typhoons that brought immeasurable damages to thousands of lives here in our […]